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If I Don't Choose LANAP, What Can I Expect?

Gum disease is an epidemic in this country and around the world, and until now the majority of the treatment options available included invasive surgery involving cutting the gum tissue down and suturing it back together, or extracting the teeth and recommending dentures or dental implants. But the day has finally arrived when patients do not have to fear or put off getting treatment!

LANAP FAQs in Florence & Ft. Thomas, KY

When left untreated, gingivitis can easily progress into a more serious condition known as periodontal disease. This advanced condition can not only result in damage to the teeth, tissues, and bone, it can harm your overall health, as well. Dr. Ryan Estes can treat your periodontal disease with laser gum surgery in Covington, KY.

Q: What is the difference between periodontal and gum disease?

A: Gum disease is a general term used to describe various stages of a gum infection. The earlier stage in the disease is gingivitis or an infection of the gums above the gum line. The infection begins as plaque and bacteria buildup and irritate the gum tissues. Gingivitis is reversible if caught early enough. Periodontal disease occurs under the gum line when bacteria affect the bone and structures that support the teeth. This stage of gum disease can lead to bone loss and potentially even tooth loss, and can be treated but not cured.

Q: Is treating gum or periodontal disease painful?

A: Treating gum disease no longer has to be painful for patients. The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) is a laser treatment that is easier, faster, and more effective than traditional treatments. The procedure is also less traumatic to the tissues in the mouth because the laser used is minimally invasive compared with traditional treatments.

Q: What are some other benefits of LANAP® over traditional treatments?

A: The laser used in LANAP® is minimally invasive, promoting faster healing. It’s minimally invasive nature also avoids gum line recession that often results from traditional treatments. LANAP® also helps to save teeth and encourages new bone growth.

Q: Is LANAP® safe?

A: The laser used in LANAP® is called the PerioLase® MVP-7™. This laser is FDA cleared and has significant science and research behind its use to support the safety and effectiveness in treatment. Dr. Ryan Estes is specifically trained and certified to use LANAP®.

Q: Is LANAP® right for me?

A consultation with Dr. Ryan Estes will determine if LANAP® is right for you. If you have noticed symptoms of gingivitis or other gum problems, call our office today. Dr. Ryan Estes will be able to evaluate your gum health and discuss the treatment options available for gum disease in Covington, KY.