Watch the LANAP Laser Procedure

The Laser Gum Surgery

The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) is laser gum surgery used by Dr. Ryan Estes to treat moderate to severe periodontal disease. The procedure is easy, fast, and only minimally painful when compared to traditional treatments in Newport, KY.

This minimally invasive treatment removes bacteria and diseased tissues while leaving healthy tissues unharmed. There is no need for stitches with LANAP® and most patients can resume their daily activities the same day!

The LANAP® Procedure in Florence & Ft. Thomas, KY

Dr. Ryan Estes is specifically trained and certified to provide LANAP®. The steps of the procedure are outlined below so that you know what to expect during your treatment.

1. Measurement of pockets. Dr. Ryan Estes will use a small dental ruler to measure the depths of your periodontal pockets. These pockets form as the tissues and bone begin to breakdown as a result of periodontal disease, and loss of attachment between the gums and the tooth root occur. Measuring the depths tells Dr. Ryan Estes how much loss of attachment has occurred.

2. The laser eliminates bacteria. Dr. Ryan Estes will then use a pulsed laser light to remove diseased tissue from the periodontal pockets. The laser also kills the bacteria that cause the disease. The laser light cannot be absorbed in water, healthy tissue, root, or bone. This allows Dr. Ryan Estes to offer his patients treatment that is minimally invasive and more comfortable than traditional treatments.

3. Removal of calculus. Calculus, or tartar, is hard deposits that accumulate on the tooth surfaces. It is removed from the root surfaces of the teeth from under the gum line with ultrasonic scaling instruments. The laser used in the previous step denatures the calculus for easier removal by the ultrasonic scalers.

4. A clot is formed. Dr. Ryan Estes will use the laser again to stimulate the soft tissue, root, and bone at the bottom of the pockets. Not only does this encourage healing and growth, but it makes the blood sticky which is used to seal the gums around the teeth.

5. The tissue is recompressed. Dr. Ryan Estes will recompress the tissue against the teeth. No sutures are required to further seal the treated area.

6. Adjustment of the bite. In the last step, Dr. Ryan Estes will adjust the bite to evaluate for trauma to the teeth. This is particularly important in patients with significant bone loss.

Treatment for periodontal disease in Newport, KY has never been so easy. Call Dr. Ryan Estes today to schedule your appointment!